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About Us

At Al Rikaz solutions training center, we specialize in providing high-quality training in business, tax, Zakat, legal, and training services by certified training team to business organizations and various government institutions in all regions of the Kingdom.

Vision Statement

To be a leading Training Provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specialized in serving and empowering growth and development of Saudi professionals.


Mission Statement

Through blended learning and technologies, we aim to empower people to maximize the efficiency and elevation of their skill sets. This is achieved by:
Creating prime training programs
Positioning ourselves as a training and development hub that provides hands on training internally and externally.
Qualifying Individuals (of multiple skill levels) to master proficiency in training subjects with special focus on Zakat and Taxation.
Providing programs that enable fresh graduates build the market-desired expertise level in zakat and taxation to maximize chances of fast employment.
Providing zakat trainings at a regional scale to Arab countries that are developing the Zakat practice, whether governmental institutions and authorities, or private sector entities.

Core Values


Positioning our role as information providers and leaders to take part in creating a better future for our country.


Consistency within our company values, business ethics and national vision alignment.


Innovation is a focal constituent of our designed and delivered training solutions


To achieve maximum potential impact on the communities we serve maximize desired outcomes.


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Quality standards are the core driver of everything that we do.


Building opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and partner within the training business community.


We are driven by our passion towards creating the value to all beneficiaries of service offerings and eco system.


Al Rikaz solution training center provides a wide range of training services to individuals, organizations, and institutions. We have experts in several fields and would be happy to help you with your requirements.

Tax and Zakat Program
Al Rikaz solution training center can help your team and provide you with the training and tools to make the most of your taxes and zakat. With our interactive programs, you’ll learn how to calculate zakat for your company, how to pay it, and more.
Financial Program
Al Rikaz solution training center are proud to introduce our Financial Training Program for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program includes everything you need to start your own business, from developing a business plan to understanding the legal …
Business Development Programs
We know that your time is precious and that you’re always on the move. With our extensive range of business development courses, we have a program for every schedule and need – whether you’re looking for a quick refresher or want …


Abdelhadi Alqahtani

“لقد استمتعت واستفدت كثيرا من حضور البرنامج وأتمنى تكرار التجربة في برامج تدريبية أخرى ”


Abdelhadi Alqahtani

“لقد استمتعت واستفدت كثيرا من حضور البرنامج وأتمنى تكرار التجربة في برامج تدريبية أخرى ”


Mohammed Hamed

“كانت الدورة ممتازة بشكل عام خصوصا كفاءة المدربين في تقديم محتوى البرنامج من خلال تبسيط المحتويات وتقديمها بطريقة سلسة ومفهومة ”


Knowledge Proficiency Makers

We have a team of highly qualified experts in Zakat, Tax and finance dedicated to your success. We are committed to our customers satisfaction through reliability, transparency, efficiency, and providing high-quality services.